Must Have School Supplies

Whenever I was looking online at sites like Pinterest and YouTube to see what were some really good school supplies for going off to college, I was kind of looking all over the place. There was no consistent list of must haves for college school supplies.

In this post I am going to list the school supplies that I decided to buy in order to help me in school.

  • Laptop – I had a laptop and received a new one for Christmas that has been a lifesaver while I have been in school. Not only will you use it for school work, you will love it on the weekends when you just want to have those Netflix nights in your dorm all cuddled up on a rainy day.


  • Notebook(s) –  I decided to invest in a Five Star Five Subject Notebook for school because I knew that I was enrolled in five classes so instead of having to remember each notebook for each class, I am able to just grab that one and go to class. If you prefer to have single notebooks for each class instead, that would work too. It is really just personal preference.


  • Pens & Pencils – I chose just basic BIC mechanical pencils and then the white Acroball pens by Pilot. I have had a love for these pens for about six months or so now and they are officially my favorite! They make my handwriting look amazing and they are so smooth. They are on the pricier side but definitely worth it.


  • Highlighters – Highlighters will become your best friend in college. I use them for almost everything. I use them while I’m taking notes and in my planner. They just keep everything so much more organized.


  • Post-It Tabs – These are great! My teachers gave me these in high school to mark our pages in textbooks while we are reading so we don’t forget what we have to read for our assignment so while shopping I came across these and they have been amazing. I have used them for textbooks, reading materials, and my planner for important days/events.


  • A Sturdy Backpack – As lame as it sounds, having a well made back pack is essential. I didn’t want to get one at first because I didn’t think I would use it but I am now glad that I did. as much as you think you will go back to your dorm before every class to get your materials, you wont. My college is very small and I don’t even go before every class so you will have a lot in that one backpack and you do not want to be the one that is walking up the stairs and your backpack gives out at the seams and all of your stuff goes tumbling down the stairs on your way to class.


  • Some sort of folder – I decided to try out the seven pocket file folder type organizer and it has been working really well so far but along with the notebooks if you would rather have a single folder for each class, that is okay too!


  • Planner – You NEED a planner! My entire life is in my planner. Especially as you are getting used to the new routine of college with clubs and classes/homework and different events, you must have a place to look at for all that information. My favorite planners are the Big365 Happy Planners they are not crazy expensive but they work really good for me.

These materials are my essentials since I have been in college, if you have an questions, comments, or other great materials that were essential for you throughout college feel free to leave them in the comments.

♥ Ashlee Nicole



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