Step Out of your Comfort Zone

This is a topic that I wish I had listened to whenever I was going off to college. This is something I am experiencing now and so proud of myself for. I have been an on campus college student for about two weeks now and loving it. Although, I do not think that I would be loving it as much as I do if I hadn’t met the friends that I did.

I huge problem that I have had my entire life is talking to people, meeting new people, and being in new surroundings, just that entire realm of social skills. Luckily, over the last couple years I have found myself and realize that God is in control of every situation and nothing is impossible if I have Him on my side. So since I moved to an entirely different state, across the country, I made it a point to find my group of friends and with God’s blessings, I have actually found multiple group of friends and ones that have the same hobbies as I do but yet they are different from each other.

I have found a group of girls to workout with in the gym, I have my roommate & suitemates, and others groups here and there that just love to spend time with others including clubs and other classes. I wouldn’t have met those people if I didn’t put myself out there though. That’s where the title of this post comes in. You have to step out.

Roosevelt Photography Project- Photo 1

I started meeting up with people for lunch, talking to them in class and getting their numbers. Then it escalated to coffee shop runs (lot’s of coffee, after all this is college!), shopping, and talking about personal things. The more I have done with people and just said “Yes” to, the more friends and fun I have had. Saying “yes” has made my college experience better. Now, you have to be wise about what you say yes to but having a tight knit group that loves all the same things that you do will be worth while.

As I write this, I am actually getting ready to attend my first ever club meeting. All you have to do is go. Just get up and go! Nothing can stop you, don’t let the nerves stop you from enjoying your life at college. Trust me, if you do not have a social life outside of college and academics, you will think life sucks and it doesn’t have to.

Just get out there. Step out of your comfort zone!

♥ Ashlee Nicole





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