Find Your Way to Study

Some of you make look over this is wonder why this is even important. Trust me it is.

Studying is such an important part of college, especially if you want to do well in school. Not everyone can study the same way. Everyone can’t just write everything down on flashcards and go to town. As a student you must find your way of studying.

I have a few tips for the general student when it comes to studying but some may work for you and some may not, you just have to try.

  1. A tip that I have, I have actually discovered during the time that I have been here at SAGU and it is when your reading a book, preferably a smaller book rather than like a big textbook, use post-it notes to take notes on the reading rather than jotting it down on a regular piece of paper. I am not one that can just look at a piece of paper and study it, I have to do it differently. So while your reading, if you read over something that seems important or you think would be on the test, jot it down on a sticky note and place it on the page it came from that way if you need to know the context around the subject then it is easy to find rather then having to scan through all of the chapters that you had to read.
  2. My next tip is having a planner. I am going to do an entire post about planners and how to get started with one, but to briefly touch on it. I think that planners are my life-saver when it comes to studying and homework and stuff. If you have a busy schedule with school, meeting, jobs, etc. having a planner even just to organize when you are going to study can be very helpful.
  3. My last and final tip and maybe the most important, is to just do it. I know that having a social life is important and going out is a lot more fun than studying but believe me when I say that when you take the time and put your friends and phone on hold for an hour or two to study, making an A on that test you have next week will be so much more rewarding than getting fifty likes on your most recent Instagram post.

Studying is important. Although, when you don’t study the way you understand it, it can be pointless because you will not be grasping anything so try different ways. Breakout the highlighters, sticky notes, paper, and colorful pens and go for it. The only thing that can come out of it is good. Once you find your way to study, it will stick with you for the rest of your education career.

If anyone has any tips they would like to share, please leave a comment so that everyone can read through those as well.

♥ Ashlee Nicole



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