How to Finish the Semester Out Strong!

How to Finish the Semester Out Strong!

I know some of you are getting ready to start cramming for finals, making summer plans, and packing up your dorm room in order to go home.

I, fortunately, have already finished my first semester at a university and wanted to share some tips that I learned when it came to the end of the semester.

Make a Plan

If you are not a list maker, you need to be during this time. Whether you have a planner or just a plan sheet of paper and a pen, making a plan early makes the last couple weeks of the semester 100% better.

  • WRITE IT DOWN – Write down the rest of your assignments/ projects that need to be turned in with all of the due dates. This is where your time management starts. The #1 priority at the end of the semester is obviously school/grades/finals.
  • USE YOUR FREE TIME WISELY – Manage your time wisely when it comes to your assignments and use your free time wisely. If you have some free time after classes or on the weekends, use that time to catch up on assignments.
  • KNOW YOUR SUMMER PLANS – or at least a guess-timate. If you go to school in a different state like I do, you may be flying back and forth which means you will either need to pack everything into a carry on unless you have the money to pay to check in baggage. On that topic, if you are having to travel a far distance for the summer, renting a storage unit near your school may be a good idea too! If you do the research you can find really good deals especially if you are in a college town. My boyfriend and I rented one for only $17.00/month for 4 months (May – August). If you split it with your roommate or friends, it can be really cheap.


Use Your Resources

Professors usually hand out or have study guides somewhere for you to review before final tests or exams. They make those for us students for a reason. Honestly, I don’t think that I would have passed my science class final if I did not use the study guide.

This goes back to the “use time wisely” comment before this. If you have a day off of work or have time after classes or no weekend plans, maybe sit down for 30 minutes to an hour and fill out that study guide, then during your next free time period, you can go through it before the actual day of the final. Trust me, studying early makes finals week so much easier. You have so much on your plate and the last thing you need is to forget to study.

If you don’t understand a part of the guide that ask some classmates. If you don’t know anyone personally, email them through your school email. It will never hurt to ask and even maybe form a study group either in person or online. Having other peoples opinions when studying for an exam really does help.

Start Packing Early

This is probably one of the most important tips you will read on this post. Start your packing early!!!

I started my packing about 2-3 weeks in advanced and I am so glad that I did. There is nothing worse than deciding to start packing the week of finals.

  • Start By Sorting Your Stuff – What did you not use this semester that you most likely won’t need the next? Trash? Give Away? Keep? Take some big black trash bags and go at it. Starting your process off with this will make the actual packing process easier.
  • Make Lists – This goes hand in hand with the other tips above. Make lists for what you would like to have in bins, suitcases, etc. This will make it easier to see what you can pack now and what you HAVE to wait to pack on move out day. Only leave out what you have to use up until that point. You don’t even need your entire bedding set for the last night in your room. Leave your fitted sheet on your bed, have a throw blanket handy and a pillow. Pack the rest.

The sooner you start packing the sooner you can go home. Remember, you not only have to pack up your things and figure out what your going to do with them but you are also gonna have to deep clean your entire room. So remember to have your cleaning supplies easily assessable when it comes to packing.


Have Fun!

Even through everyone is slammed with finals and studying and packing and making plans, make sure you leave some time in there to go out with the girls/guys and have a night just to have fun a relax before all the chaos. Me and some of my girlfriends met in one of our dorm rooms and had a pamper night with movies and snacks and facemasks and nail polish. We were able to just relax and unwind before the finals started and we all had to start getting our stuff out. It was a great way to get closer the girls on my hall and also a great way to end the semester.


I hope that some of these tips helped some of you college students that are getting ready to end your semester. I know it can be overwhelming but remember not to stress yourself out. You can do it!! Believe in Yourself!!

♥ Ashlee Nicole





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