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Manicure Routine

I have now created a manicure routine that I enjoy doing! I have watched MULTIPLE YouTube videos of other gurus doing their routines and have finalized my own.

First I take off any nail polish that has currently been on my nails. To do this, I use the Target up & up brand nail polish remover and basic cotton rounds that you can find anywhere and CHEAP! I make sure it is all off as well as make sure that the oil is off of my nails because any oil can raise the polish on the nails which will make the polish chip a lot sooner.

Then I push back my cuticles with a metal cuticle pusher that came in a travel kit that my friend gave me. You can use any cuticle pusher whether it’s metal, plastic or a wooden orange stick. Any of them work. Now, I do not push back my cuticles but once a week but I typically do my routine about twice a week. Along with this step, I also buff my nails with a basic buffer block that I got from Walmart for $1. This just roughs out the ridges in my nails and it also helps with the no oil thing that I do with the nail polish remover. I also file my nails with a glass file from Sally’s to trim them up. I’m in the process of growing my nails long so I only file the edge slightly so that I can get the dead edge off, which also helps them grow.

I tend to vary between nail treatments that help with either strengthening or whitening, etc. Typically I will use the Nail Growth Incubator that I got from Walmart. My other option is the Orly BB Cream from Sally’s which whitens and literally makes the nail look like it has makeup on… AWESOME STUFF! Either one I choose, I put one coat of it on kind of like a base coat ( many people are gonna tell me that I should not be using it as a base coat but it works and makes my brittle nails healthy 🙂 ).

Now comes the fun part. POLISH!! I choose whatever color I want and start to paint it on. I typically will go with the season so right now I am wearing a lot of bright colors and pastels. I start about mid nail and place a dot of polish that way it does not flood my cuticle. Then I swipe up the middle from the nail not getting to close to the cuticle. Then I swipe the polish from each side and cap off the tip as well.

After doing the second coat of polish ( I always do a second coat ), I then apply the top coat. I have used a variety but the one I am currently using is the Sally Hansen Clear Coat. You can use any top coat that you prefer just make sure to cap the tip of the nail.

Lastly, I apply either cuticle oil or lotion to rehydrate the nail after all the tools and nail polish remover. This is a daily part of my routine and it helps my nails to stay healthy and moisturized which in return help them to grow longer.

That is my manicure routine that I do once or twice a week. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments! Have a GREAT day!

♥ Ashlee Nicole



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