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Fourth of July: Nails


Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Since I have been crazy into my nails and polish I just knew that I needed to come up with a nail design for this celebration.

For a little behind the scenes info, this design took WAY to long to accomplish. I deffinetlt only did it for the blog. 🙂

For this design I used Wet and Wild Red that I actually found at Dollar Tree and it is one of the best reds I have ever used. Then I used a Revlon Blue and the Revlon Spirit that I featured in a Mani Monday a couple weeks ago. For a top coat I used L.A. Colors Rapid Dry from Dollar Tree as well. Not a bad top coat by the way.

I actually used a Bobby pin to create the polka dots on all the nails. This design is very tedious design but is so cute for festivities like this.

I hope I gave you some cute ideas for a fourth of July accessory. Have a Great day! If you do your nails for the 4th, post it on my Facebook page and I will create an album with everyone’s designs with your blog links if you have one.


♥ Ashlee Nicole


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