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Nail Polish Storage


As many nail polish posts I do, I thought I might as well show you how much I actually do have which is surprisingly not a ton.

I have two parts of my storage. The silver tray is what sits on my vanity which you will see in an up and coming post (hint,hint). In the tray I have my lotion which I got in a set at Burkes Outlet. In front of that I have an old candle holder that has my tools in it like my nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer block, detail brush, and nail clippers. Just the tools that I reach for every time I do my nails. I then have my nail polish remover which I am currently using is from Dollar Tree and a glass container that I got from Dollar Tree to put cotton rounds in and have easily accessible.

In the middle of the tray I have a nail polish organizer that I got from Tjmaxx for around $12. In this organizer I have my Essie polishes displayed because they are the brand that I have the most of. In the top row I have my treatments and top and base coats that I use most often.

I keep this box under my bed for my over flow nail polishes. Its deffinetly not my favorite way to organize them but at least they are in their own little container. I got this container in the clearance section at Target a few years ago but even a basic plastic shoe box from the dollar tree would work perfectly.

Inside I literally just have them all lined up. No particular order but all of them fit perfectly in this box so if I get any more, we might be in trouble.

My storage isn’t the best for my nail polish but it is what I have and it works for now.

I hope you Enjoy! Have a GREAT day!

♥ Ashlee Nicole


3 thoughts on “Nail Polish Storage

  1. So many different ones. I love Essie brand the best too! I need a cute storage tray like yours! I have mine in a pink whicker basket as of now just all dumped in there so I can’t see all my colors!! 😭

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