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Mani Monday: Sinful Colors – Kashmere

Sinful Colors.png

Is Monday here already???

I guess something good has to come out of a Monday morning, huh? This is Sinful Colors, Kashmere from the Kylie Jenner line. I actually found this polish hidden in Dollar Tree. Yeah, I know! It is such a pretty color but the quality to me is not the best. Some sinful colors polishes I really like and others I just don’t. This one is like a light pinkish purple with some shimmer in it.

This line is said to be a pretty good line and Sinful Colors are only what like $2 so even if you don’t like it, it’s not like you are out $9 as if you were to buy an Essie polish.

Its not a bad polish and actually looks really cool with a matte top coat over it but it always worth a shot! Let me know if you have tried this polish and what you think about it!

As always,  Thank You for Reading and have a GREAT Monday!

♥ Ashlee Nicole


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