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Mani Monday: Orly – Fresh Start

Happy Monday!! This is probably my favorite color in the world right now! Just like most girls on Earth. This is //“>Orly’s Fresh Start. I got this polish at TJMaxx. I honestly don’t remember how much it was but it was probably $5 or less. I love these polishes and as well as the brush.… Continue reading Mani Monday: Orly – Fresh Start


Social Media Sites for Ashlee Nicole! 

Hey Everyone! I know that I have all of my socials on my blog but I wanted to make sure everyone know the links for each platform. Facebook: Ashlee Nicole Instagram: @ashleenicoleblog Twitter: @ashleenblog Pinterest: I use my personal Pinterest so I’m not putting it out there. I’ll make one soon if y’all want. Let… Continue reading Social Media Sites for Ashlee Nicole!